Citizenship and Status

C/TFN Citizenship and Status


Citizenship with C/TFN is a separate process and separate documentation from Indian Status with Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada.

For Citizenship, contact Karyn Atlin at C/TFN at or 867- 821-4251 ext. 8230.

For Status, keep reading below...


Do you need help with a Status card?


  • If you can visit the C/TFN offices, Karyn Atlin can take care of the application process. She will work as your guarantor and take your photo. Contact her to schedule an appointment at or 867- 821-4251 ext. 8230.
  • If you cannot visit C/TFN, you must go through Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada. They will guide you through the process and document submission.
  • Find all the information you need at


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