Surveying lease parcels on Settlement Land

The department of HLNR is able to survey lots around all existing residential dwellings on C/TFN Traditional Territory. This means a cost saving to Citizens of $2,000 to more than $5,000 per lot. This project is generously funded by First Nation Market Housing Fund to make it more affordable for Citizens to take out a lease and to use the value of the land they are occupying for credits, such as construction and renovation loans. HLNR is adding one more parcel to this survey project – a parcel on S-316 for a solar panel farm. HLNR is working with Challenger Geomatics who will carry out the surveys in spring and summer 2021. Please take this opportunity to let us know what you think now so you do not get surprised when the surveyors come by your place.

Which Settlement Land parcels are affected by this project?

Why is it important for me to participate in this project?

HLNR believes that your consideration of this project is crucial if you live in an area to be surveyed or your land selection is being affected by the proposed work. Please look at the proposed survey lines available online on the HLNR project consultation website and use the comment box to submit any concerns, questions, comments or requests you might have. Also, please let us know if we made mistakes about who lives where and if a place is owned or rented. The lines in the maps have been drawn at a desk using satellite imagery. You are bound to find mistakes. Please assist us in getting right for you!

How can I participate in providing information to the project?

Please consider all information posted here and then provide your comments.  Alternatively, please feel free to contact Doris Dreyer at or at (236) 795-4280 to bring up any concerns, comments or questions.