Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Executive Council

Executive Council - Clan appointed

Khà Shâde Héni - Andy Carvill

Deisheetaan Clan – Maria Benoit    Alternate> Georgianna Low
Daklaweidi Clan – Charlie James         Alternate> Marilyn Jensen                                
Ishkaahittan Clan –  Lynda Dickson      Alternate> Eileen Wally                              
Kookhittaan Clan – Larry Barrett          Alternate> Robert Wally              
Gaanaxteidi Clan – Corey Edzerza      Alternate>  John Jensen                                
Yan Yedi Clan – George Shepherd     Alternate> Buster Sheprherd                                
Crow Elder Advisor - Bill Barrett Sr.   Alternate> Shirley Beattie
Wolf Elder Advisor - Stanely James   Alternate> Ralph James

The Executive Council is made up of nine members. Each of the six clans appoint one representative from their clan and the Khà Shâde Héni is elected. A Wolf and a Crow Elder are appointed by the Elders' Council. Decisions are made by consensus. If consensus is not possible, resolutions and laws are passed with a vote of seventy-five percent or more. Executive Council meets a minimum of twice monthly.

The Executive Council is responsible for:

  • drafting legislation for approval by General Council
  • formulating policy to guide the development and implementation of C/TFN programs and services
  • drafting long-term strategic planning
  • establishing the fiscal priorities in accordance with any direction provided by the General Council