Society Board Overview

What is the role of the Learning Centre Society Board?

The Society Board sets the foundation for effective decision making and performance.

Our mission statement is "To bring us all together under one roof".

Responsibilities of the Board

  • Effective leadership
  • Strategic Oversight
  • Risk vs. Initiative
  • Succession planning
  • Sustainability

Governance Framework

Effective Governance

The Society Board will provide good governance by paying attention to the following six core principles including:

1. Performing effectively in clearly defined functions and roles

  • Being clear about the functions of the Society Board
  • Being clear about the responsibilities of non-executives and the executive, and making sure that those responsibilities are carried out
  • Being clear about relationships between the Society Board, C/TFN citizens and the public

2. Promoting values for the whole organization and demonstrating values of good governance through behavior

  • Putting organizational values into practice
  • Individual board members behaving in ways that uphold and exemplify C/TFN Virtues & Values

3. Taking informed, transparent decisions and managing risk

  • Being rigorous and transparent about how decisions are taken
  • Having and using good quality information, advice and support
  • Making sure that an effective risk management system is in operation

4. Developing the capacity and capability of the Society Board to be effective

  • Making sure appointed / elected board members have the skills, knowledge and experience they need to perform well
  • Developing the capability of people with governance responsibilities and evaluating their performance, as individuals and as a group
  • Striking a balance, in the membership of the board, between continuity and renewal, being mindful of the balance between C/TFN Citizens and Non- Citizens

5. Focusing on the organization’s purpose and on outcomes for stakeholders

  • Being clear about the organization’s purpose and its intended outcomes for stakeholders
  • Making sure that Learning Centre users receive high quality service
  • Making sure that citizens and visitors receive value for money

6. Engaging stakeholders and making accountability real

  • Understanding formal and informal accountability relationships
  • Taking an active and planned approach to dialogue with Executive Council, General Council and Citizens, being accountability to the public
  • Taking an active and planned approach to responsibility to the Learning Centre staff
  • Engaging effectively with institutional stakeholders

Society Board Members=

Members as of June 2020:

Sandra Johnson – Chair
Zena McLean – Vice Chair
Jennifer Herkes – Secretary Treasurer

Antonio Zedda
Heather Jones
Emily Macht