Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Housing Team

The CTFN Housing Team is an administrative body of the Carcross Tagish First Nation whose function is to guide and support the administration of the CTFN Housing Department in a manner that is consistent with the Carcross/Tagish First Nation Mission Statement and Tagish/Tlingit values.
 It is mandated to strive to meet the housing needs of the citizens without unduly increasing the financial risk or loss to the Carcross Tagish First Nation.  Its challenge is to deliver the program with the constraints of existing budgets, government programs, Carcross Tagish First Nation objectives and the ability of citizens to provide their own housing.
The CTFN Housing Team has delegated authority to:
    •    Participate in the development of CTFN housing policy
    •    To approve transfers to home ownership
    •    To participate in the development of annual budgets for housing
    •    To allocate home ownership grants subject to available budgets
    •    To approve transfers of housing units
    •    To set rents and fees
    •    To allocate rental units
    •    To set tenant guidelines
    •    To approve a schedule of renovations for CTFN units
    •    To allocate social housing units
    •    To set priorities for expenditures of the housing budget
    •    To guide the enforcement of evictions and repossessions
    •    To limit CTFN exposure to financial risk in housing
    •    To participate in the administrative review of appeals of Housing Team decisions
    •    To hear appeals of Capital Projects Department decisions upon request of the Team
Housing Team

Director of Capital Projects & Technical Advisor - Nelson Lepine          
Housing Manager of Capital Projects - Leahanna Dickson
Daklaweidi –       Louise Johns                              
Ishkaahittan –     Edna Helm                                
Kookhittaan –     Leahanna Dickson      
Gaanaxtedi –      James Kawchuck
Deisheetaan –     Karen Hall                          
Yan Yeidi –          George Shepherd                            

pdf  Housing Application (91.48 kB)