Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Origin of the Clans

The information presented about clan origins in this "Our People" section, is based on materials found in a variety of forms. These would include books, archive material and information received from other researchers. Our people have not yet verified this information and we ask that this be kept in mind while reviewing this section.

There are six clans represented within the governing sturcture of the Carcross/Tagish First Nation. The Daklaweidi and Yan Yedi clans are the Wolf Moiety, while the Deisheetaan, Ganaxtedi, Ishkahittaan and Kookhittaan clans are of the Crow Moiety.

It's difficult to establish exactly where all the clans came from because there are so many similarities between some of the clan "creation" stories. Plus the history was past on orally so this created many variations to the same story. Also the team has found a lot of material on the Tlingit people, but there is little information on creation and origin of the clans. What follows is a summary based on some archive research conducted by the team.