Friday, March 23, 2018
The two moieties are Wolf (Gooch) and Crow (Yeitl). Tagish/Tlingit culture is matrilineal or follows the mother's line. For instance, when a child is born he or she is born into the mother's moiety, clan and house group. Each moiety consists of several clans, each clan belongings to either wolf or crow.

The Carcross/Tagish area has six clans that are recognized. Two of the six are Wolf and the other four are Crow moiety. Daklaweidi (Killerwhale) and Yen Yedi (Wolf) are both of Wolf Moieties.
Deisheetaan (Beaver), Ganaxtedi (Raven), Kookhittaan (Crow), Ishkahittan (Frog) are all of Crow Moiety.

Traditionally a person of Crow moiety must marry a person of wolf moiety and vice versa, but with the arrival and intermarriages between Europeans and other First Nation people, this custom is no longer as strictly observed. This was done to ensure the interdependence and balance of life and the Nation was maintained.

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