Friday, March 23, 2018
Fishing - Fish was and still is another major source of diet. Fish were mainly caught in willow or sinew nets. Fish traps, spears, bone and wood fishhooks were also used to catch fish. In order to prepare for the cold winter months a lot of fish was cut up and hung on racks to dry.
Smoked and dried meat and fish were stored in caches for later use. Families would have perished if they did not know how to preserve and store food.

-Another large part of the First Nation heritage is trapping. This is mainly done in the winter months because this is when the animals have acquired their winter coats and the fur is in prime condition. Before the exchange of money, furs were used as currency as a means of trade. Hunters caught a wide variety of fur bearing animals by snares or deadfalls using different kinds of bait. The animals were skinned out and placed on stretchers. The lightest and warmest furs were used to make robes and blankets.

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