Capacity Development

The Capacity Development Department represents the "Mental" portion of the Medicine Wheel. This Department is responsible for overseeing the education, training, and employment of C/TFN Citizens and staff.

C/TFN operates a licensed daycare, the Haa Yátx'i Hidí Early Childhood Development Centre, overseen by the Capacity Department. The Haa Yátx'i Hidí has 25 child care spaces and 7 staff.

The Capacity Development Department also supports the needs of C/TFN students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. This includes kids attending Ghùch Tlâ community School in Carcross, as well as students who move on to high school in Whitehorse.

After high school, the C/TFN Capacity Development Department provides support, financial and otherwise, for post-secondary and training needs of C/TFN Citizens and community Members. This can include university or college training as well as certification needs for employment, such as First Aid, WHMIS, chainsaw safety, etc.

Post Secondary Application Deadlines: 

  1. Fall Deadline (For programs starting between September-December): JUNE 1st 
  2. Winter Deadline (For programs starting between January-April): NOVEMBER 15th 
  3. Summer Deadline (For programs starting between May-August): MARCH 15th 


To support individuals in their pursuit of lifelong learning by providing education, training and employment opportunities and creating pathways to develop, realize and express their spiritual,  emotional, physical and mental capacities.


A Nation where the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental capacity of every Citizen is developed to its fullest potential through lifelong learning.




K-12 Programs and Services

Post-Secondary and Community Training Programs and Services

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