Education Advisory Committee

The C/TFN Education Advisory Committee (EAC) is an administrative body of the Carcross/Tagish First Nation whose function is to guide and support the administration of the C/TFN Capacity Development Department in a manner that is consistent with the C/TFN Mission Statement and Tagish & Tlingit values.


The C/TFN Capacity Building/Education Committee is mandated to assist C/TFN Citizens to achieve their educational goals by networking resources for training and post secondary education opportunities; to further strengthen the balance of health, wellness, capacity building and empowerment of our Citizens; and to create a diversified economy and government.


Daklaweidi – Charlotte Hadden (Alternate: Martina Smarch)
Deisheetaan – Josephine Holloway (Alternate: Karen Hall)
Ishkaahittan – Megan Swanson (Alternate: Angie Dickson)
Kookhittaan – Maryann Wally-Welin (Alternate: Kevin Welin)
Gaanaxtedi – Jared Lutchman (Alternate: Zena McLean)
Yan Yeidi – George Shepherd (Alternate: Melisa McGurk)