Health and Wellness

The Health and Wellness Department represents the "Emotional" portion of the Medicine Wheel. This Department is responsible for supporting and assisting C/TFN Citizens in need.

The staff provides information, referrals and organizes workshops related to life skills and personal growth and development, and supports/assists Citizens in working with other governmental agencies and programs. The staff can also help Citizens get to medical or personal appointments, when necessary. The Home Care Program provides support and services for Elders and housebound Citizens.

The Department may facilitate workshops and support groups. They also bring in experts on a variety of topics such as diabetes prevention, and healthy living.  The Elder Program provides targeted services like these for C/TFN Elders over age 60.

The Health and Wellness Department also administers the Temporary Financial Assistance program to ensure that Citizens receive basic needs. The Transitional Employment Program, which is managed by the Capacity Department and works in collaboration with the Health and Wellness Department, provides life skills and training to support Citizens as they move towards self-sufficiency.  For more info on applying for TFA, contact the Health and Wellness office.

To support C/TFN mothers and fathers, the Health and Wellness Department operates the Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program, providing information and support regarding healthy eating, living, and parenting.

The Health and Wellness Department operates the Justice program in the community to provide pre- and post-sentencing support, advocacy, and education. The Department also supports the Family Council, a team of community-based clan representatives mandated to facilitate the Family Act once is up and running. The Family Act is to support the development of healthier families and communities.


To help our community recover from the devastating effects of colonialism and poverty by supporting Citizens to heal, reclaim a degree of self-sufficiency, and lead their families to wellness.


A family wellness center works with the community to support and guide families on their journey toward reconciliation, health and self-reliance.



Chooutla Residential School

Listen to the apology made by Larry Robertson, Anglican Bishop of the Yukon on behalf of the Anglican Chruch of Canada.


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News May 03, 2021

Security Guard Training Opportunity

👮‍♀️ C/TFN is offering Citizens the opportunity to take Manitoba Security Guard Training, a one-week full-time online course that will develop the skills to become a security guard! 

News Jun 01, 2021

Opportunity for change

C/TFN is looking for a Citizen who wants help to improve their life and overcome addiction.  

News May 31, 2021

Sacred Fire for residential school victims

Please join us at the old Choutla residential site at 10am as we pray and have a sacred fire with Harold Gatensby for all of the children and families affected by such atrocities. 

News May 13, 2021

Current counselling options in Carcross

Check these numbers for current counselling options in Carcross. 

News Mar 01, 2021

Taxes for TFA clients and Elders

💸 An opportunity for TFA clients and Elders to have assistance with their taxes is coming up Tuesday, March 30. 

News Mar 22, 2021

Easter Baskets

Easter baskets will be available for pickup this week in Carcross, Tagish and Whitehorse! 

News Events Mar 09, 2021

Community Safety Engagement Session

Mar 17

C/TFN Citizens and Carcross community members are invited to a Community Safety Engagement Session facilitated by Community Safety Consultant Gina M. Nagano! 

News Events Mar 11, 2021

Join us for MMIWG Talking Circles

Mar 15

🌹 Next week, please join us in talking circles to commemorate Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.