Health and Wellness

The Health and Wellness Department represents the "Emotional" portion of the Medicine Wheel. This Department is responsible for supporting and assisting C/TFN Citizens in need.

The staff provides information, referrals and organizes workshops related to life skills and personal growth and development, and supports/assists Citizens in working with other governmental agencies and programs. The staff can also help Citizens get to medical or personal appointments, when necessary. The Home Care Program provides support and services for Elders and housebound Citizens.

The Department may facilitate workshops and support groups. They also bring in experts on a variety of topics such as diabetes prevention, and healthy living.  The Elder Program provides targeted services like these for C/TFN Elders over age 60.

The Health and Wellness Department also administers the Temporary Financial Assistance program to ensure that Citizens receive basic needs. The Transitional Employment Program, which is managed by the Capacity Department and works in collaboration with the Health and Wellness Department, provides life skills and training to support Citizens as they move towards self-sufficiency.  For more info on applying for TFA, contact the Health and Wellness office.

To support C/TFN mothers and fathers, the Health and Wellness Department operates the Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program, providing information and support regarding healthy eating, living, and parenting.

The Health and Wellness Department operates the Justice program in the community to provide pre- and post-sentencing support, advocacy, and education. The Department also supports the Family Council, a team of community-based clan representatives mandated to facilitate the Family Act once is up and running. The Family Act is to support the development of healthier families and communities.


To help our community recover from the devastating effects of colonialism and poverty by supporting Citizens to heal, reclaim a degree of self-sufficiency, and lead their families to wellness.


A family wellness center works with the community to support and guide families on their journey toward reconciliation, health and self-reliance.



Peacemaking Circle Training

Peacemaking Circles Training Program

Our Families, Our Way, Bringing us home

* The Peacemaking Circle Training is offering another round of the Foundations Training (Course#1) this Fall. The Application deadline is September 16th 2019. See schedule for orientation session, session dates and graduation day. 

Course #1 Foundations: (18 days)

This Foundations Course is the first of 3 Core Courses that will be offered in the Program. The objective of this introductory Course is to provide foundational knowledge and competencies related to conflict resolution and peacemaking. More specifically, the Foundations Course aims to cover:

  • 1st Session - Traditional Values covering virtues, values and practices, and how they provide a foundation for peacemaking.
  • 2nd Session - Communications key concepts behind just, non-violent and non-oppressive forms of communication.
  • 3rd Session – Intergenerational Trauma how trauma impacts human beings physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and how trauma can be transformed.
  • 4th Session Circle Foundations how all of the above applies in preparing for, holding and following up on a peacemaking circle process. The core principles, concepts and practices of an effective peacemaking circle process.


Beyond these areas of knowledge and competency, the Foundations Course aims to provide participants with an experience of connection and community that is transformational for them in a way that they need it to be. Positive change in our families, clans and communities will be based on healthy, loving and resilient relationships that support effective collaboration.

Further Courses in the Program being developed


Course #2 – Advanced Circle Keeper Skills (20 participants)

This second Course extends deeper into the purpose and practice of peacemaking. It will provide knowledge, skills and practice in organizing, preparing, facilitating and following up on peacemaking circles. It will also examine other types of circles. Graduates will have the core skills to begin conducting circles within family, school, work and community settings.


Course #3 – Specialized Circle Keeper Skills - Children & Families (15 participants)

This third Course extends further into circle keeping competencies required in sensitive child and family matters. This will be a specialized course given the unique dimensions of working in situations where children and families may be at risk, and where the child welfare system may become involved. The primary focus is refining skills and applying them to this specific context.

Chooutla Residential School

Listen to the apology made by Larry Robertson, Anglican Bishop of the Yukon on behalf of the Anglican Chruch of Canada.


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First Gathering of all Yukon First Nations Former Students of the Chooutla Residential School.  

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