Justice Council

The Justice Council is responsible for all matters relating to the administration of justice for the Carcross/Tagish First Nation. 


C/TFN Justice Council is established pursuant to the C/TFN Constitution. The composition and structure of the Justice Council is determined by the GEneral Council. The Justice Council procedures are established based on the direction and guidance of the Elders Council, including procedures for the appointment and removal of Members of the Justice Council. 


Deisheetaan Clan – VACANT (Alternate: Leslie Loukianow)
Daklaweidi Clan – Peggy Dubeau (Alternate: Robin Lord)
Ishkaahittan Clan –  Christle Moulton (Alternate: Howard Atlin)
Kookhittaan Clan – Laurenda James (Alternate: Barb Barett)
Gaanaxteidi Clan – Susan Shinkle (Alternate: TBD)
Yan Yedi Clan – Buster Shepherd (Alternate: TBD)