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Featured News Events Notice Sep 08, 2021

The Northern Post- Secondary Task Force!

Oct 22
Featured News Events Aug 25, 2021

YFN Grad Regalia

Sep 7

Yukon First Nations Graduation Regalia will be displayed at Haa Shagóon Hídi this fall.  

Featured News Aug 26, 2021

Call out for hunters

C/TFN is looking to hire local hunters to harvest one sheep and one goat for a gathering in October 

Featured News Events Notice Oct 14, 2021

Daḵʼlaweidí Clan Meeting

Daḵʼlaweidí Clan Meeting October 24th 

Featured News Events Sep 08, 2021

Elders Yoga- Elders Social

Get social! Wellness for mind and body with tea, yoga and community breakfast! 

News Aug 19, 2021

Moose organs sought

Donate your (moose) organs! 

News Jul 07, 2021

Tagish Campground closed

Tagish Campground is closed. 

Events Jul 06, 2021

Sandbag help needed

Jul 6

The Southern Lakes are rising rapidly and we need all the assistance we can get to protect our region.