Land Management Board

The Land Management Board (LMB) has been mandated by the Executive Council of the Carcross/Tagish First Nation to be the decision making body in all land management matters within our Traditional Territory. The Land Management Board is required to make these decisions in accordance with the relevant policies in an equal and fair manner.


The role of the Land Management Board (LMB) is to assist, advise, develop, decide, guide and implement policies, laws, regulations, permits, agreements and strategic planning of land management matters in the following areas, but not limited to: Traditional uses, Renewable resources, Oil and gas, Mining and mineral exploration, Transportation, Communication, Forestry, Protected areas, Recreation, Waste management, Tourism, Heritage and culturally significant sites, Business and economic development, Other areas as they arise.

The C/TFN LMB will represent C/TFN in dialogue and decision making with Yukon and BC Governments to establish natural resource priorities and maintain Consultation requirements of the various boards and committees that will fall under Final Agreement (FA) implementation obligations. Some of these include:

  • Southern Lakes Regional Land Use Planning Commission
  • Carcross Local Area Land Use Planning Committee
  • Tagish Local Area Land Use Planning Committee
  • Carcross/Tagish Settlement Lands Committee
  • Carcross/Tagish Renewable Resources Council
  • Southern Lakes Wildlife Coordinating Committee
  • Kusawa Park Steering Committee
  • Agae Mene Natural Environment Park Steering Committee
  • Tagish River Habitat Protection Area Steering Committee Lewes/Marsh Habitat Protection Area Steering Committee
  • Yukon River Watershed Management Working Group
  • Yukon Land Use Planning Council
  • Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act Board
  • Yukon Water Board
  • Fish and Wildlife Management Board, including the Salmon Sub Committee
  • Dispute Resolution Board
  • Surface Rights Board

We are aware that our People have different ideas of what should be happening on our lands and to what extent. Please give your opinions on this and other natural resource issues to your LMB representative at your next clan meeting.

A representative and an alternate are appointed by each of the six clans to sit on the Land Management Board (LMB). The term of each member is four years and Clans are to review their representation in preparation for renewal or reappointment of their appointments.   The Quorum for meetings is four clans. All decisions of the LMB are to be made by consensus. If consensus cannot be reached, a motion or resolution may be passed by at least 75% of the LMB members. If at any time during the decision making process, any member of the LMB is in direct conflict with the application, they are to remove themselves from the meeting. A direct conflict of interest in an application includes making decisions on the following individuals: Your own, Your spouse, Your child, Your mother/father, Your aunt/uncle, Your grandmother/grandfather, A possible business partner.


Deisheetaan Clan: Sid Holloway (Alternate: Russel Baker)
Daklaweidi Clan: Patrick James (Alternate: Gary Johnson)
Kookhittaan Clan: Roberta Wally (Alternate: TBD)
Gaanaxteidi Clan: Wesley Barrett (Alternate: Corey Edzerza)
Ishkaahittan Clan: James Leaman Jr (Alternate: Linda Ford)
YanYeidi Clan: Robin Lovelace (Alternate: Bernard Calford)


Legislations & Policies

Land Management Board Regulation

Residential Lease Parcel Directive (2019)

LMB Decision Document

LMB Consent to Hunt