Finance & Human Resources

The Finance Department is responsible for Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, employee payroll and coordinating the audit.

The Human Resource Department is responsible for all Human Resource functions of the Government, including the hiring process, staff training, and implementation of the Personnel Policy.

The Finance and Human Resource Departments are the "Centre" of the Medicine Wheel, also part of the "Self" with the Governance Department.



We will manage the Finance and Human Resources effectively and efficiently to sustain long-term financial stability for C/TFN's future generations. We will strive to achieve a balanced budget in order that all sectors of the Carcross/Tagish First Nation can prosper, while simultaneously enhance and retain the human resources required to render the best level of service and professionalism to C/TFN Citizens.


  1. Improved financial efficiency in providing government services as defined by policies and financial regulations, as well as best practices
  2. Fostering higher level of staff professionalism (i.e., skills development, engagement, etc.) and team work through effective management of human resources anchored in the medicine wheel and traditional values;
  3. Encouraging and providing technical assistance to the FN's economic development initiatives by increased understanding of the relationship between jobs, training, C/TFN and economic development and helping to create sustainable jobs and long-lasting support for the community and citizens; and
  4. Financial and human resource management based on the principles of accountability, transparency, virtues and values, customer service and care for C/TFN Citizens and staff.   



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Nations Connect Consultation Portal

Mar 31

Carcross Tagish First Nation is adopting Nations Connect, an online consultation portal. As of March 31, 2022, all Government and Industry consultations will be submitted through Nations Connect in a simple and user-friendly process that will streamline communication. Industry and government can access Nations Connect by visiting Nations Connect. CTFN is working closely with Kwusen Media to expand the functionality of Nations Connect in the coming year to accept a broader range of consultation and engagement requests from the public and researchers. New developments will be shared as they come available. Further inquiries are welcome and can be directed to