Housing Team

The C/TFN Housing Team is an administrative body of the Carcross/Tagish First Nation whose function is to guide and support the administration of the C/TFN Housing Department in a manner that is consistent with the C/TFN Mission Statement and Tagish & Tlingit values.


It is mandated to strive to meet the housing needs of the Citizens without unduly increasing the financial risk or loss to the Carcross/Tagish First Nation. Its challenge is to deliver the program with the constraints of existing budgets, government programs, Carcross/Tagish First Nation objectives and the ability of Citizens to provide their own housing.

The C/TFN Housing Team has delegated authority to:

  • Participate in the development of C/TFN housing policy
  • To approve transfers to home ownership
  • To participate in the development of annual budgets for housing
  • To allocate home ownership grants subject to available budgets
  • To approve transfers of housing units
  • To set rents and fees
  • To allocate rental units
  • To set tenant guidelines
  • To approve a schedule of renovations for C/TFN units
  • To allocate social housing units
  • To set priorities for expenditures of the housing budget
  • To guide the enforcement of evictions and repossessions
  • To limit C/TFN exposure to financial risk in housing
  • To participate in the administrative review of appeals of Housing Team decisions
  • To hear appeals of Capital Projects Department decisions upon request of the Team


Capital Projects Manager & Technical Advisor – Mike Baerg
Housing Team Chair – Judy Duncan
Daklaweidi – Karyn Atlin (Alternate: Dale Neumann )
Ishkaahittan – Marie Helm (Alternate: Edna Helm)
Kookhittaan – Trish Harder (Alternate: Corey Thompson)
Gaanaxtedi – Natasha Smith (Alternate: Alfred Smith)
Deisheetaan – Russell Baker (Alternate: Dayle Benoit)
Yan Yeidi – Robin Lovelace (Alternate: Bernard Calford)

Housing Application