Haa Shagóon Hídi – Our Ancestors House

Mission Statement – “To bring us all together under one roof”

Vision Statement – “A place devoted to the celebration of the Lingít and Tagish cultures, art, and languages, where everyone is welcome to share, learn, grow, and heal; now and for future generations.”

Haa Shagóon Hídi is a multipurpose facility that showcases the art, culture and history of Carcross/Tagish First Nation people. Ours is a vision for a stable and sustainable community that feeds on its living cultural heritage and diverse history to take a firm hold on its future.

We VALUE OUR location and its local environment:

  • mountain’s, lake’s, deserts, beaches, fish, plants, birds and animals
  • perfect positioning at the halfway point between Skagway and Whitehorse
  • halfway point between two countries, the halfway point between two cultures
  • the “crossing” point where all this diversity can gather together.

Witness living history as old as time

The people and cultures of Carcross/Tagish are as diverse as its setting, beginning with the deeply rooted Carcross/Tagish First Nation, continuing through contact and the gold rush, and right up to the living pulse of today. In this shared communal space, we seek to honour this diversity while staying true to our cultural integrity.

We welcome you to our beautiful gathering place to experience authentic Yukon First Nation culture and history.

Cultural resources are essential to planning the future of the community, as they contribute to enhancing quality of life for all residents, generate economic benefit and facilitate the attraction and retention of newcomers and their families.

Cultural programs, services and resources of all types also play increasingly important roles in enhancing civic pride, defining a distinct community identity and attracting the talent and investment needed for cities to grow and prosper in a creative and knowledge-based economy.

Come, bring yourself – you’re a part of our story now!

C/TFN's cultural resources and cultural identity will continue to evolve, reflecting changes over time.

To make our vision a reality, we will focus on achieving five key goals:

1. Deliver high-quality arts, culture and heritage programs that are diverse, accessible and appealing to multiple audiences

2. Establish and sustain long-term collaborative partnerships and relationships with our stakeholders

3. Secure sufficient external funding and revenue streams to achieve the goals defined by our strategic plan, in order to contribute more fully to the well-being of our community

4. Be a respected role model for a well-managed organization demonstrating best practices in transparency, accountability and good governance to our customers, stakeholders, staff and donors

5. Be recognized by GC/TFN and our citizens as a vibrant and accessible centre of cultural and social programming along with being a catalyst supporting the development of citizen entrepreneurship