Heritage, Lands & Natural Resources

The HLNR Department represents the "Spiritual" portion of the Medicine Wheel. This Department is responsible for monitoring, protecting, and responsibly managing all C/TFN lands, habitats, fish, wildlife, and culture for present and future generations.

Environmental Monitors patrol the Traditional Territory and respond to request or enquiries about activities on Settlement Land and Traditional Territory in Yukon and British Columbia. The staff is always working toward improving land management through the use of legislation, policies, leasing, mapping, and land use planning. All requests - including spot land applications, agricultural developments, lease applications, mining and exploration requests, water, forestry, and land use - go to the Land Management Board (LMB) for recommendations, comments, or actions.

The HLNR Department also fosters traditional activities by operating a language program, as well as carving, artist support, and many other activities.


The Heritage, Lands and Natural Resources Department is mandated to safeguard the environment, health and aboriginal rights of our people; to continue to conserve and protect our culture and traditions; to develop and maintain our natural resources and to strengthen our people, our community and stewarding practices for present and future generations.


The HLNR Department is responsible for developing and maintaining culturally responsible programs and services that enhance and assert values and principles intrinsic to our culture, lands and resources management.


Current Consulation Projects

Land and Resource APplication Processes

Lease Parcel Process


Traditional use (camp) site application process (only open to Citizens and Beneficiaries)

Hunting & Fishing

Land Management Board

Land Use & Commercial Access Application


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