Fairness Coordinator

Fairness Coordinator

Similar to an Ombudsperson, the Fairness Coordinator is an advocate for fairness, who can assist Citizens, Employees and concerned community members with their complaints about the C/TFN Government. The Fairness Coordinator does not replace any C/TFN decision maker, council, service delivery or appeal process, but can work with individuals if they believe they have not been treated fairly after raising a complaint.

If you have a complaint but are unsure of what to do, the following flow chart shows you what the proper steps to take are.

Administrative Fairness

Administrative fairness is the standard of conduct people can expect from their government. It is the expectation that public bodies will act reasonably when delivering their programs and services, and in a manner that is consistent with the relevant policy, procedures and legislation. It also means they must follow fair and transparent decision making processes, and explain reasons for decisions to the people affected.

The Fairness Process and Fairness Coordinator’s office was set up to address issues of Administrative Fairness within the C/TFN government.

The Fairness Process

On August 1, 2019, the C/TFN Executive Council passed the Fairness Policy. This Policy provides direction to the Fairness Coordinator, establishes the independence of the office and describes how complaints or statements of concern will be handled.

Investigations are Confidential

The Fairness Policy requires that Fairness Coordinator investigations be conducted in private. At the conclusion of an investigation, both the department or committee and the complainant will be notified of the outcome and reasons why the recommended resolution was made.

Investigation Outcomes

The Fairness Coordinator investigates matters raised in a complaint to determine if there is an administrative fairness issue to be addressed. If they determine there is no issue to be addressed, they will explain why they are ending their investigation and what your options are. If there is an issue to be addressed, they will raise it and consult with you on how it can be resolved. Common resolutions to individual investigations include:

  • A better explanation or reasons for decision
  • Changes to policy, procedure or sometimes legislation
  • A new hearing or reconsideration of a decision
  • Appropriate conflict resolution process, which could include: facilitation, mediation, independent investigation, or Peacemaking circle

What kinds of complaints can the Fairness Coordinator support you with?

C/TFN Government Administration Concerns Yes
C/TFN Boards, Committees, or Councils Concerns Yes
Community or Clan Concerns No
Carcross / Tagish Management Corporation Concerns No
Human Rights Complaints No
Child & Youth Advocate Complaints No

Complaint Requirements

As determined in the Fairness Policy, complaints must meet the following requirements to be considered by the Fairness Coordinator:

  • The complaint cannot be older than one year;
  • The complaint cannot be made on behalf of another person;
  • There are no other laws or existing administrative procedures to remedy the complaint, or reasonable justification is provided why the complainant has not used those procedures;  
  • The complaint is frivolous, vexatious, not made in good faith, or concerns a trivial matter;
  • Initiating the Fairness Process must provide benefit to the complainant. 

How to Complain Effectively

Do you feel like you have lots of feedback to give, but often people don’t listen? The following guide can help you craft your complaint in a style that will get you the most effective outcome for your concern. 

Get Yourself Heard!

Contact the Fairness Coordinator

Note: Due to Covid-19 precautionary measures, the Fairness Coordinator has suspended drop-in meetings. Your complaint is important. Please contact 867-332-5988 or to speak to the Fairness Coordinator about your complaint and set up a meeting.

All meetings and investigations undertaken by the Fairness Coordinator are confidential.

You are welcome to complete an Intake Form and use it to guide your conversation with the Fairness Coordinator.

Fairness Coordinator Office Intake Form

Alyson Miller – Fairness Coordinator
867-821-4251 x 8210   or    867-332-5988