State of emergency


Recent Drug-related Deaths Prompt Carcross/Tagish First Nation to Declare State of Emergency

January 12, 2022

CARCROSS – The Executive Council of Carcross/Tagish First Nation (C/TFN) has declared a state of 
emergency in the wake of recent drug-related deaths impacting the community.

The decision was made with strong support by the community following the news of three drug- 
related fatalities impacting the community within the first week of  the new year.

Leaders and community members gathered at an emergency meeting on January 7ᵗʰ and hosted a 
generative discussion on issues and needs surrounding the drug crisis. The wide-ranging dialogue 
cultivated common themes echoed by other  communities and public figures concerning the drug 
epidemic in the territory. This included the need for coordinated, community-led approaches, 
collaboration with other Yukon First Nations and  orders of government, and a desire to cultivate 
in- community services and supports.

Through its declaration, Carcross/Tagish First Nation leaders  are adding their voices to a chorus 
of urgent calls for action that have been issued from various entities and communities across the  
Yukon on this enduring and growing issue. C/TFN is calling upon  Yukon government and other Yukon 
First Nations to come together in solidarity under the declaration and act in collaboration to 
address gaps identified by Yukon First Nations and communities  in addressing the territory’s drug 

C/TFN is hosting a hybrid virtual/in-person State of the Nation meeting via Zoom at Haa Shagoon  
Hidi starting at 9am, preceded by a smudge circle.  The meeting is for Citizens only as the 
community recognizes the need for solutions to come from the community and to be implemented by the 
community as well. Covid protocols for in-person gatherings will be in effect.


Our nation is deeply saddened by the recent loss of three of our people to drug overdoses.  The 
issue is as complex as the people that we have lost, and like every single one of those people, 
carefully acknowledging and addressing each aspect of this problem, matters and deserves our utmost 
concern. As leaders, it is our duty to prioritize the health and wellness of our people.
-Haa Shaa du Hen (Chief) Lynda Dickson (Skoehoeteen)