What's happening by Montana's?

You may have noticed a crew working in the lot next to Montana Services.

C/TFN is doing some exploratory work there to see whether there are any fuel tanks or other potential contaminants underground.

Part of that work involves the use of ground-penetrating radar.

GPR is the same technology used this summer by the geophysical research firm GeoScan in their investigation of the former Chooutla Residential School grounds.

The work in the lot next to Montana’s has no connection to the GPR work that was done at Chooutla this summer. The Chooutla work has been halted for the winter and may continue in future. But for this season, it is complete.

So what exactly is happening in the lot next to Montana’s?

We have contracted the firm SLR to come on Wednesday the 25th and conduct GPR work on the site.

That work involves rolling machines over the surface of the site, which look a bit like large lawn mowers. The machines use radar to penetrate deep below the surface, giving technicians a ‘view’ underground, without having to disturb the top surface.

Once we have a better picture of what is below, we can make a decision about whether we may want to develop it in future.