General Council

The General Council is the main governing body of Carcross/Tagish First Nation. The General Council is made up of 18 Members. Each clan appoints three representatives and one of the three must be an Elder. Appointments are for four year terms.


The General Council directs the development and implementation of laws and regulations. General Council reviews and approves the annual budget put forward by the Executive Council. General Council provides a forum for Citizens to voice their concerns and opinions, and make decisions about C/TFN laws and procedures. The General Council reviews and approves reports presented by the Executive Council on programs and services offered by C/TFN. General Council also decides what the mandate of the Executive Council will be each year. Decisions at the General Council are made by consensus, but if consensus cannot be reached, resolutions and laws are passed with a vote of seventy-five percent or more. 


Yan Yeidi:
Robin Lovelace Smith (Alternate: TBD)
Gladys Moran (Alternate: TBD)
Buster Shepherd (Alternate: TBD)

Colleen James (Alternate: Beverly Sembsmoen)
Patrick James (Alternate: Darla Lindstrom)
Sheena Johns (Alternate: Gary Johnson)

Rose Sellars (Alternate: TBD)
Susan James (Alternate:TBD)
Corey Thompson (Alternate: Deborah Baerg)

Dawn Duquette (Alternate: TBD)
Joyce Hall (Alternate: Ed Hall)
Maxine Benoit (Alternate: Georgianna Low)

Edna Helm (Alternate: Roberta Hawryluk)
Jean Desmarais (Alternate: TBD)
Leona Bryden (Alternate: TBD)

Rob Jensen (Alternate: Zena McLean)
Anne McKay (Alternate: Sue Shinkel)
Alfred Smith (Alternate: Rose Jajcaj)