Khà Shâde Héni

Andy Carvill 

Ka Nuxh Andy Carvill was born in Whitehorse Yukon. Andy is of Tlingit, Northern Tutchone and English ancestry. Andy is from the Daklaweidi Clan of the Carcross/Tagish First Nation. Andy has been married for over thirty years and has two daughters.

As a Citizen who has lived in Carcross his entire life, Andy understands the importance of valuing our Elders and Youth. Andy was raised by his grandmother Margaret Breton (Carvill Jim). As with other children and youth in the community, Andy would go around the community and help Elders and families. Everyone did this and Andy was no exception. He believes that during these times of sharing, coupled with his personal experiences as a non status Yukon First Nations man, then gaining his Status later in life has shaped his passion for the protection of Aboriginal Title and Rights.


Andy has extensive experience in community, regional, central and national First Nations politics:

  • Andy was sworn in as Grand Chief of the Council of Yukon First Nations (CYFN) in June 2005 and June 2008. Carvill chaired the CYFN Leadership Table for almost two terms. Unity was very important to Andy and he worked very hard to unify Yukon First Nations at the central and national levels. Andy was instrumental in facilitating CYFN restructuring discussions post Final Agreement Negotiations. He invited the Assembly of First Nations National Chief to relocate the office to CYFN for ease in contact and coordination at the national level. Andy participated in relationship building and unity discussions within Yukon First Nations to invite others to return or join the CYFN Leadership Table such as the Gwitchin Nation. Andy supported Yukon First Nations Self Government Secretariat with technical support and an office that was independent from CYFN. Andy opened his door to all Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people living in the Yukon. Andy played a key role in initiating the Yukon Forum with then, Yukon Territorial Government Premier Dennis Fentie.
  • As Tribal Chief of the Dakh Ka Nation from 2004 to 2005, Andy assisted with recognition of the Tagish Nation within the Dakh Ka Nation. Andy continues to push for equal recognition for both Tlingit and Tagish within his professional and personal life.
  • In 1996, Andy was elected as councilor for C/TFN. During his first term with Chief and Council, leadership responded to citizens the peoples direction to implement the traditional Clan System. Chief and Council resigned from their positions under Canada’s archaic Indian Act system. The Clan System was implemented one year later in 1997. Andy served as Khà Shâde Héni until 2003. After his term Andy continued to assist the negotiations team to conclusion of C/TFN’s Final Land Claims and Self Government Agreements in 2005 personally as a citizen and as Grand Chief of CYFN.

Andy is passionate about economic and community development. From 2011 to date, Andy has shifted his focus to industry and business. He started Carvill Contracting in 2013. His business employed 8 Citizens and 3 non-Citizens in 2015. Andy has served on the Carcross/Tagish Management Corporation and is President of Yukon Indian Development Corporation. Andy is stimulating the local economy and workforce through his commitment to hire citizens, and creating opportunities for new workers and individuals seeking entry-level experience here in the community.

Andy considers himself a “grass roots” person. In 2016, he gained employed with C/TFN as Men’s Group Coordinator; and continues to operate his business. Andy lives a substance free lifestyle and promotes community-healing processes. Throughout Andy’s life, ceremony has been a constant. All of these early lessons and teachings continue to inform his decisions today.

Andy is a member of C/TFN’s Family Council, under the Family Act. Andy is excited to be a part of this culturally relevant legislation since 2015. Andy takes this role very seriously. The council is committed to Clan based, culturally relevant approaches to healing and wellness.