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Featured News Events Notice Apr 12, 2022

Grocery Runs

Featured News Events Notice Apr 11, 2022

Wellness Space Drop in

Wellness Space is a weekly meet-up centered on anything and everything mental health &substance use. Featuring different activities, including movie screenings, cooking, guest speakers etc. For more info or for to schedule a ride, please contact Lee: 867-332-6121 

Featured News Events Notice Apr 04, 2022

Events Calendar April

Featured News Events Notice Apr 04, 2022

Wellness Drop in

Featured News Events Notice Feb 01, 2022

Narcotics Anonymous

Featured News Events Notice Jan 12, 2022

State of emergency

C/TFN declares state of emergency 

News Events Notice Apr 29, 2022

By Election Voters List

Jun 27

By Election Voters List 

News Events Notice Apr 14, 2022

Nations Connect Consultation Portal

Mar 31

Carcross Tagish First Nation is adopting Nations Connect, an online consultation portal. As of March 31, 2022, all Government and Industry consultations will be submitted through Nations Connect in a simple and user-friendly process that will streamline communication. Industry and government can access Nations Connect by visiting Nations Connect. CTFN is working closely with Kwusen Media to expand the functionality of Nations Connect in the coming year to accept a broader range of consultation and engagement requests from the public and researchers. New developments will be shared as they come available. Further inquiries are welcome and can be directed to