Message from Haa Shaa du Hen Lynda Dickson

These are extraordinary and challenging times. 

I want to hold up everyone for their cooperation and kindness.  C/TFN staff have been going to extraordinary lengths to make sure that citizens needs are met.  The Emergency closure has meant that almost all employees are now working from home.  Technical and re-routing logistics are making this a little slower than we would have liked, but be assured that it is all happening.  Citizens can expect continued essential service delivery.  

If you need to call, please refer to the Essential Services contact list or the Health Support and Elder Care contact list.  These lists have the new staff contact telephone numbers, and are posted on the C/TFN government website and both the C/TFN citizens and GC/TFN’s Facebook pages.  These will continue to be updated, since things may change.  Please try to use these numbers before calling the main number.  The main number will continue to answer calls and forward calls to staff.   It is a time to be kind and understanding as we all adjust to a new way of being in the world.

Health and Wellness is working hard to ensure that the needs of our elders and most vulnerable are met.  If you notice someone who may be in need of assistance, please contact Sonia at 867-336-0032.  Staff should remember that all C/TFN workplace policies will continue to apply during work hours for all permanent employees who are being paid.

It is critical that everyone continue to:

• wash hands frequently;

• cough or sneeze in elbow; 

• maintain social distancing measures (2 metres to 6 feet);

• clean and disinfect all household living surfaces; 

• avoid visitors --only gather in household groups; and

• stay home unless absolutely necessary.

Remember to telephone your elders and pass on love and kindness.  It is important to share your feelings with someone you trust.  We need to take care of ourselves to help take care of others.

This is perfect time to rely on our Clan System.  Executive Council is meeting Thursday April 2.  Our circle of governance is strong.  Please work with your clans to bring forward ideas, suggestions and concerns for how we can best support our citizens in Whitehorse, Carcross, and Tagish during these challenging times. 

We are sending out people to hunt, and people are out fishing.  We are grateful we have the farm and have made such inroads to increasing our food security as a Nation.

 If people are going out to their camps, they should notify Frank at 332-1706, so that we know where they are.  The land will help us heal.  So will knowledge. 

 There are many good resources available for people to keep track of the emerging reality.  Please pass these along to others.

 Please take care of yourselves and others.

 Lynda Dickson.