The Governance Department represents the centre of the medicine wheel: the self, the will, the volition.

The Governance Department is responsible for implementing the final and self-government agreements, including ongoing negotiation, legislation, and policy development. This Department also supports the governing bodies of C/TFN: General Council, Executive Council, Elders Council, Justice Council, Family Council and Youth Council. Clan development and support, along with citizenship and registry, is primarily managed through Governance.

Governance is also the main liaison to other governments (First Nations, Territorial, Federal) and organizations (Council of Yukon First Nations, Assembly of First Nations, etc).


The Governance office shall bring inspiration and innovation to Carcross/Tagish First Nation and be a model of excellence in Self Government; providing safe, progressive and well-planned governing services delivered in a respectful manner reflective of our core values: selflessness, honour, respect, courage, integrity, knowledge, compassion and honesty.

The Governance office shall assist C/TFN Citizens in attaining and maintaining a higher standard of government services and opportunities which will provide equal benefits and possibilities for a balanced community.

By overseeing the main mission of Carcross/Tagish First Nation set by our Elders, the Governance office is the pulse to the organization by maintaining a balanced structure of the government.


To have a transparent, accountable government with well informed Citizens and Clans. To offer opportunities and services to C/TFN Citizens by ensuring a well balanced lifestyle for the generations to come.

The Fairness Coordinator

To learn more about the Fairness Coordinator and/or to submit a complaint, visit this page.


Having updated addresses will assist C/TFN in registering new members, allow people to vote in the upcoming election, and/or receive other information. -Please contact Karyn Atlin to provide your new address or make any updates: -  ext. 8230

Citizens List



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