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Events Jan 10, 2020

Tourism Open House

Jan 29

The Carcross CCP Steering Committee, Tourism and Culture and Community Services would like to invite all community residents from Carcross and the surrounding areas to this exciting event. Come and share your thoughts on Tourism in Carcross. Help us identify the shared values and interests that unite your community, and explore a unified tourism vision moving forward. 

News Jan 23, 2020

Fairness Coordinator Office Moved

The Fairness Coordinator moved to a new office!  

Events Nov 28, 2019

C/TFN Christmas Dinner in Whitehorse 2019

Dec 19

Annual Chrsitmas Dinner in Whitehorse for Citizens living in Whitehorse. Dinner will be at 5PM at Nakwadaku 

Events Nov 28, 2019

Ghuch Tla Community School Christmas Concert and Dinner

Dec 17

Annual Ghuch Tla Community School Concert and Dinner at Haa Shagoon Hidi (learning Centre in Carcross) Concert at 5:30 and dinner at 6:30 

Events Oct 16, 2019

Halloween Party 2019

Oct 31

Halloween Party at the Learning Centre from 12pm to 3pm  

Events Sep 06, 2019

General Council October 2019

Oct 5

General Council, October 5th and 6th 2019 (Saturday and Sunday) at the Learning Centre in Carcross. Breakfast at 8:30am and meeting is from 9am to 4pm. New; we are now offering time for Community Concerns at the end of each day.  

Events Aug 08, 2019

Kookhittaan Clan Meeting

Aug 21

Kookhittaan Clan Meeting Aug 21 and 22 2019 Aug 21 will be in Whitehorse at the public Library and Aug 22 will be in Carcross in the Governance Boardroom.  

Events Jul 08, 2019

Haa Kusteeyi Celebration 2019

Jul 26