C/TFN establishing Choutla Residential School Committee

CARCROSS, YT — Carcross/Tagish First Nation is working to establish a territory-wide committee of Yukon First Nations citizens to form a Choutla Residential School Memorial Committee.

“The injustices at Choutla Residential School affected First Nations far and wide, and our own Citizens included,” said Haa Shaa du Hen Lynda Dickson.

“The healing journey reaches beyond Carcross and Tagish. It must include all Yukon First Nations and all who were affected by the residential school that once sat in our community.”

C/TFN is reaching out to all Yukon First Nation chiefs to bring people together to mourn, grieve, acknowledge and find a way forward, to properly give closure to the victims, their families and the communities at large.

We will be seeking a representative from each First Nation to create a working group to pursue events and publications that memorialize this difficult and shared history.