We support a healthy workplace

At Carcross/Tagish First Nation, we strive to create a healthy workplace, one that feels open and accountable to Citizens, staff and the public. We are never perfect and are all doing our best.

It is everyone's right to speak their mind, and it is also our staff's right to be treated with respect. The best way to overcome challenges and find solutions is through cool heads and respectful dialogue.

C/TFN does not support derogatory statements made to any of our employees. We do not condone any harassment or violent threats in our workplace or made toward staff members doing their jobs. We take these instances seriously.

If you are a Citizen and have a complaint about staff, policies or service at C/TFN, the proper channel to go through is our fairness coordinator, who can be reached at 867-821-4251 x 8210 or

If you work for C/TFN and have a complaint, the proper channel to go through is your manager, the HR department or our fairness coordinator. You can find our full office and staff contact information at

If those attempts fail, you can also contact Senior Director of Operations James Smith directly at 867-332-1543.

Gunalchéesh for helping us foster a positive environment for our staff and the wider community. Let's hold each other up, not bring each other down. We all want the best for Carcross/Tagish First Nation.